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We want to provide you with the highest quality of service that we can.

We're able to tackle most technical problems. For a list of things we're able to do, click here.

If you don't see your particular query on the list, feel free to contact us anyway, we're usually able to help.


We understand what it's like to waste important productivity time on slow and sluggish computers.

That's why we're here to help you upgrade your computer to be the best it can be for your purposes, ensuring you get the job done as easily and hassle-free as possible.

Whether it be upgrading to that new SSD, adding more Memory, or spinning up a new CPU, we're able to organise and recommend the best upgrade for your computer.


We specialise in fixing computer issues, especially the ones that shouldn't be there in the first place.

That's why we're committed to getting your system back on it's feet as quickly as possible to minimise downtime.

We're able to provide support to you in a number of ways:

  • Online remote technical support
  • On-site technical support
  • Carry-in technical support
  • Over-the-phone technical support

Reviews and Testimonials

Ken Newton's Review

As a professional key-boarder with no knowledge whatsoever about how anything actually works, I rely on people with a variety of skills to keep me operational. Have you noticed though that in the world of computers and kindred electronics, there are so-called ’specialists’, who either only work on one platform, PC or Mac, or who only understand software and know nothing about connectivity? So what happens is that you have to call in often more than one ‘specialist' to keep everything running.

TomTec is not one of those specialists. The word Solutions in his business name is very apt. He provides solutions, regardless of the source of the problem. He’s a one-stop shop for everything on your desk, he’s lightning fast and he seems to thrive on solving seemingly insurmountable problems with hardware, software, communications – anything with and without wires.

Thomas Jones may look and act like a young nerd, but don’t be fooled. He is to electronics what Mozart was to music at the same age. He had his own computer consulting business at the age of 12. What does that tell you?

An example: Both of my 10 TB backup drives that he installed a few years ago suddenly died. To me, it was a disaster of major proportions – how can two backups, one a mirror image of the other, fail at the same time?

Thomas made an emergency call on a Saturday. In minutes he had determined that the ten hard drives in the two enclosures were safe and that the problem was a power transformer on one of the drives, effectively knocking out both drives because they are linked. Replacing such a transformer, on a weekend, was going to be problematic and I needed these backups, like, now. The solution was immediate. Thomas raced down the road to an electronics store, bought a compatible adaptor box, raced back to his workshop, re-wired the adaptor to suit the purpose, and then reinstalled it successfully on my system. Problem solved.

And that’s what you need. A problem solver. And watching him work at his workshop that looks like something Dr Who would be proud of, is akin to watching a neurologist performing delicate brain surgery.

Give him a shot. I doubt you will regret it.

Ken Newton – Newton Media Consultants and Newtons Corporate Communicators
The Gold Coast’s first and longest established Public Relations Consultancy - 1976

Kenny Nham's Review

We utiise Thomas at TomTec for our network setup to our backup solutions.

We refer all our clients who require IT assistance to him as his prompt response and friendly help has been a true blessing.

Quick, affordable and friendly makes Thomas stand out from the rest.

Kenny Nham
Principal Accountant
1on1 Tax Accountants

Braedi Tink's Review

Incredibly fast and thorough service! I've used Thomas time and time again due to his reliability and vast knowledge of all different types of technology, 5 stars.

Anna Dealy's Review

Thomas has helped me rebuild my old computer into a modern gaming machine. I cannot imagine going anywhere else for my technological needs as he is unimpeachable and outstanding as well as truly dedicated to his customers.

Patrick Rollinson's Review

Thomas is my goto tech guy for all issues big and small, very friendly, great service, always helpful and affordable prices.

Glenda McKee's Review

I absolutely recommend Thomas from TomTec Solutions for anything to do with computers! He sorted my problems and explained things in 'my language' so I understood. He taught me things!